• Wedding Help: Finding The Right Caterer

    The catering you choose for your wedding really sets the tone for the whole event. It says a lot about you, your spouse, and your families. Instead of just accepting whatever caterer is the first to say they can help, maybe consider these few factors so that you can find the right caterer for you. 1. Connections It is amazing what kind of deals you can find when you have a simple connection.
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  • Give Your Dinner Group A New Experience

    Are you part of a dinner group? Perhaps it's one where you each get to take a turn deciding what or where you're going to eat. Is your turn to select a dining experience coming up soon? If so, from planning a Hawaiian Haystack dinner right at your own dining room table to selecting a Mediterranean restaurant, here are some ideas that might help the dining experience with your friends be one that they will remember for a long time.
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