Wedding Help: Finding The Right Caterer

Posted on: 26 October 2018

The catering you choose for your wedding really sets the tone for the whole event. It says a lot about you, your spouse, and your families. Instead of just accepting whatever caterer is the first to say they can help, maybe consider these few factors so that you can find the right caterer for you.

1. Connections

It is amazing what kind of deals you can find when you have a simple connection. A good place to start when finding a caterer is to ask around your family and friends to see if they liked their caterer and if that caterer is still in business. Think about weddings you enjoyed attending. Reach out to those people and see if they still have connections to their caterer. People are actually very kind and willing to help out a friend and that includes caterers. Instead of just finding someone on your own, it could really pay off to look through your sphere of people to see if a connection is already made.

2. Availability

There is no point falling in love with the food of a caterer if they won't be able to do your wedding. A good first question to discuss with any caterer over the phone is if they are available for your event. If they aren't, there is no point in trying their food or discussing cost. That being said, if the caterer is really important to you, you could talk to your betrothed about switching the date. 

3. Taste

When push comes to shove, taste is everything. In the end, the people attending your wedding will not know about the search or the cost or anything, a lot of people either remember or forget a wedding entirely based on taste. When you go to a taste-testing, try a variety of the foods the caterer offers. You may find a dessert or entree that you were not planning on. Give the caterer a chance to win you over.

4. Price

The price of a catering service can make or break the whole experience. That being said, some people feel that the food really makes the experience and are willing to splurge a little bit. If that is the case, you may want to consider serving a meal or having a buffet at your wedding. If wedding receptions are more of a formality to you and your future spouse, you could think about just serving your favorite desserts. 

There is no right way to throw a wedding. Just look for something that will tell people about you and your fiancee and that fits within your wedding plan, visit for more information. Good luck!


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