• Ordering Coffee Delivery For The Office? Follow These Tips

    Ordering coffee to be delivered for the whole office is a bit more cumbersome than ordering one cup for yourself. You want to make sure everyone is happy with what they get, and you also need to prevent possible issues like spills and burns. If this is your first time ordering coffee delivery for such a big group, here are a few tips that will help. 1. Ask for insulated cups.
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  • 3 Offbeat Things Worth Trying At A Barbecue Restaurant

    Dining at a barbecue restaurant is pretty straightforward. You're probably familiar with most of the items on the menu. Pulled pork, cornbread, and barbecue ribs are pretty self-explanatory! But there might be a few menu items that you come across and are not really sure about. Many of these items are well worth trying, but it's still nice to know what you're going to get before you order. With that in mind, here are descriptions of three more offbeat things worth trying at a barbecue restaurant.
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