3 Offbeat Things Worth Trying At A Barbecue Restaurant

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Dining at a barbecue restaurant is pretty straightforward. You're probably familiar with most of the items on the menu. Pulled pork, cornbread, and barbecue ribs are pretty self-explanatory! But there might be a few menu items that you come across and are not really sure about. Many of these items are well worth trying, but it's still nice to know what you're going to get before you order. With that in mind, here are descriptions of three more offbeat things worth trying at a barbecue restaurant.

Burnt Ends

The name does not make this dish sound very appealing, but in fact, burnt ends might be one of the most flavorful types of barbecue to be found. They're just a part of the brisket. They're cut from the pointed end of the brisket that isn't shaped properly to be cut into nice slices. This part of the brisket tends to get overcooked and crispy while it is being smoked and grilled because it is thinner than the rest of the meat. Typically served tossed in plenty of barbecue sauce, burnt ends are a delicacy that you'll order again and again once you try them.

Pork Bombs

You won't see pork bombs at every barbecue restaurant, but if you do come across them, definitely order them. They're often listed as an appetizer or starter as they are great for sharing. Basically, a pork bomb is a sausage wrapped in bacon then smoked. Different restaurants may use different types of sausage in their bombs, but Andouille is a popular choice because its spiciness is a good pairing with the smokiness. Pork bombs are often served with a barbecue sauce for dipping, although some people like them dipped in ranch dressing.

Smoked Eggs

Don't second-guess it. This dish is exactly what it sounds like. The eggs are typically hardboiled, peeled, and then smoked, which ensures the smokiness permeates the egg. A lot of barbecue places will devil the eggs before serving them, perhaps topping them with some crumbled bacon, chopped scallions, or other tasty ingredients. Smoked eggs make a really good appetizer, and the creaminess of the egg yolk is a nice contrast to all of that meat you'll be eating.

While classics like pulled pork and barbecue chicken are certainly delicious, you can benefit from a little diversification. Order one of these more offbeat items the next time you go out for barbecue; you won't be disappointed. Visit a barbecue restaurant like Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse near you for more options. 


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