Ordering Coffee Delivery For The Office? Follow These Tips

Posted on: 19 October 2020

Ordering coffee to be delivered for the whole office is a bit more cumbersome than ordering one cup for yourself. You want to make sure everyone is happy with what they get, and you also need to prevent possible issues like spills and burns. If this is your first time ordering coffee delivery for such a big group, here are a few tips that will help.

1. Ask for insulated cups.

Most coffee delivery services will put all of the cups of coffee inside a box or some sort of carrying device. This keeps you from burning yourself when carrying them, but then when you have to pick up the coffee cups to hand them to people, things get a little precarious. If you ask for insulated cups, then you won't burn yourself handing coffee out to people, and they won't burn themselves while drinking it.

2. Ask for the coffee to be put in cups that are one size larger.

If you order medium coffees for everyone, ask for them to be put in large cups. This way, the coffee is less likely to spill if you or the delivery person jostles the box to the side a little. Your fellow office workers will also have an easier time taking those first sips.

3. Order two or three standard types of coffee rather than taking orders.

While you could go around the office and ask what everyone wants, this takes a lot of time — and handing out the orders afterwards will take a lot of time, too. Instead, ask the coffee delivery service to bring just two or three different types of coffee. For instance, for an office of 20, you could order 15 regular coffees, 5 decafs, and 5 teas. You'll have a few extras, but everyone can just pick what they want.

4. Request individual packs of cream and sugar on the side. 

Rather than asking for milk and cream to be added to individual orders, ask the delivery service to bring a big tub of individual creamers and sugar packets. This allows everyone to customize their coffee, and any leftover creamers and sugar packets can be stored until your next order.

Ordering coffee delivery for a whole office can be a little cumbersome, but if you follow the tips above, the process should go more smoothly and everyone should be able to enjoy their drinks.


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