Vegetarian Mexican Food For After A Workout

Posted on: 17 March 2017

If you're the type that prefers to grab a big lunch after a workout, instead of downing a liquid protein shake, and you are also a vegetarian, then a trip to the Mexican restaurant is the perfect choice. There are all sorts of vegetarian dishes that are great for after a big workout, be it a heavy lifting session, or a punishing cardio session. Mexican food is also delicious, and varied enough so that you have ample choices if your the type who doesn't want to stick with the same meal all the time. Here are some things to look for when you go for lunch or dinner.

Anything With Avocados

Avocados are a perfect food for after a workout. They are full of fat, but it's the good kind (monounsaturated) and they also have lots of vitamins and minerals, which is great for after you've been exercising. The fat is great because it satiates you, and if you're on a diet and want to avoid cheese and red meat, then the fat in the avocados is perfect. Finally, guys in particular should really love avocados since eating the fruits can lead to increased testosterone and HGH.

The obvious menu item is guacamole. It's a great side dish to add to whatever meal you choose.

Beans and Corn

You are going to want to get protein, and unlike your meat eating compatriots, you won;'t be ordering chicken, steak, or fish. Luckily for you, Mexican cuisine is famous for its expert use of beans. In many of the poor or rural areas of Mexico, people developed expertise at creating meals around beans and corn since meat might not have been readily available. Both of these became popular staples since they were nutritious, and also provided protein.

You can get a black bean burrito, or a bean and corn salad. Another great menu option is refried beans. The one thing to make sure of is to check with your waiter and see if there is any meat in the meal. Sometimes the beans might be cooked in pork fat, so if you are a strict ethical vegetarian, you might want to pass on this and go with the a plain corn and onion salad.

Anything With Peppers

Peppers are great because they are low in calories and provide lots of spice. Instead of rich sauces with lots of fat and salt, you might want to get a pico de gallo. This is a raw salsa that contains peppers, as well as onions and lime juice. The peppers are great for a post workout meal because they are anti-inflammatory, which is perfect for when you are feeling sore.

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