Ice Products To Support Your Expanded Services

Posted on: 8 February 2023

If you would like to add a buffet setup and catering service to your business plan, the use of ice products will support each addition. Cubed ice is a product that will keep perishable items fresh while they are being transported and displayed. 

Ice Products

Investing in an ice machine will allow you to control how much ice is produced on your premises. If you currently have access to a counter ice machine that produces small batches of ice, research floor model equipment that will instantly increase the amount of ice that is yielded. Some modern ice machines can produce a variety of ice products, including cubes and chips. An investment in this type of equipment will require that the equipment is professionally installed and maintained.

Purchasing individual bagged ice products is another option to pursue if you want to make a small investment upfront. Bagged ice that is sold through a distributor can be delivered directly to your business. The use of bagged ice products is beneficial when preserving small quantities of food that are on display or being transported to an off-site venue.

Usage Tips

After you have chosen the type of ice products that will support your expanded services, plan on how you will actually use the products. If you have chosen to purchase a new ice machine, your service provider will set up the equipment and teach you how to use and clean the equipment. Once the installation is complete, coincide the production of ice with your food preparation services.

Add an even layer of ice to each buffet display case that will be holding salads, fresh fruits, and other perishable food products. Prepare the foods that you will be transporting to a venue where catering will take place. Pour ice into the bottom of each cooler that will be used during a catered event. Place covered food dishes on top of the ice. Pour more ice around and over the food dishes.

Bagged Ice Storage

If you have chosen to purchase individual bagged ice products, schedule your ice deliveries right before you will be featuring a buffet or hosting a catered event. Store the ice inside a full-sized cooler. If you would like to purchase a large number of bagged products, but don't have cooler space at your dining establishment, lease or purchase a cooler. Your ice distributor may feature many cooler models that can be leased or purchased outright.

Contact a local cubed ice service to learn more. 


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