Ways To Make Your Wedding Food More Memorable

Posted on: 15 May 2017

These days, many couples are moving away from the traditional wedding fare of chicken, beef, or fish, and doing something a bit more interesting and memorable with their wedding catering. You can make every part of a wedding memorable for your guests, including the food you serve.

Choose Your Station

One trend is to have food stations instead of serving a plated, sit-down meal. This allows more variety in the food and makes it possible to serve the favorite cuisines of both the bride and the groom, even though they don't necessarily go together. You can serve ethnic food, BBQ, southern food, Italian food, or your favorite comfort food. Add even more interest by making some of the stations do-it-yourself, such as a fondue bar, mimosa bar, or ceviche bar.

Get Trucking

Food trucks are also becoming more popular at wedding receptions, especially outdoor weddings. This could just mean an ice cream truck to help serve dessert, or it could include a food truck or two serving the couple's favorite cuisine for the main meal. This is a great way to add some fun to the wedding and make it a bit more low-key and relaxed at the reception.

Specialized Drinks

Some couples have their own signature drink for their wedding, while others serve craft beers. Let guests personalize their beverages a bit with a cocktail bar, martini bar, or a wine tasting station in addition to (or instead of) the main bar. Other couples choose to have special drink pairings with each course.

Breakfast Anyone?

Morning weddings are less expensive than evening ones, so some couples decide to go this route and then serve brunch at the reception. Another alternative for those who have their wedding later in the day is to serve breakfast for dinner. 

Alternative Cakes

Not everyone has a traditional wedding cake. Some people opt for cake displays made of cupcakes, donuts, crepes or macaroons instead of a traditional wedding cake, while others go for cakes that are more of a bare look without the loads of frosting that these cakes are usually covered with. Some people forgo the whole idea of a wedding cake and have a dessert bar filled with mini desserts instead.

Midnight Snacks

Dancing can take a lot out of a person, so some couples decide to serve late night snacks toward the latter part of the reception to help make sure people don't leave hungry. These could be anything from cookies and milk to sliders and french fries.

Themed Eats

Another way to make the wedding food memorable is to have a theme, with each dish related in some way. Ideas include carnival food, bacon, chocolate, or The Great Gatsby. Just choose something the bride and groom are crazy about and go with it.


Enjoying Higher Quality Food

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