Weird, Wild, And Wonderful Ways To Wrap Wine For Gift-Giving

Posted on: 30 May 2017

The perfect gift for practically any occasion is a good bottle of wine. Put your own personal stamp on the gift with some unexpected and unconventional wraps that will make the gift even more special. Depending on the occasion, consider some of these unconventional ways to gift a bottle of wine:

In a sock. Buy a pair of bold, colorful socks to enhance your bottle of wine. Simple slide a knee-sock over the bottle, and tie the open-end in a knot at the top. Tuck the second-sock in the bottom of the sock, under the bottle, to serve as a little extra padding on your way to the affair.

Wearing a hat. Nothing is cuter than a bottle of wine wearing a tiny hat and scarf. These can often be found in craft stores or sites, as scrapbooking or crafting embellishments. If you are clever, you can knit or crochet your own to give your bottle of wine the perfect, personal touch!

Finished with a tie. Recycle a bow or neck tie to wrap around the neck of your bottle. Trim the neck-tie to fit (on the narrower end) and tuck this under your knotted segment. For a bow-tie, simply tighten around the bottle-neck to complete.

In a sweater-sleeve. Everyone has an old sweater hanging around; instead of discarding it, turn it into a wine wrap! Snip the sleeve off the sweater, and stitch up the raw edge to create a pocket that the wine slides into. Gather and tie the top together with yarn or twine. 

As a gnome. If you are crafty, follow online directions for a simple wine-gnome wrapping. This involves topping the bottle with bold-colored felt shaped like a conical-hat, and using fake fur and embellishments to create the bearded- face. A wooden-bead makes the perfect nose sticking out from the fake-fur whiskers!

Accompanied by a luggage tag. Give the wine recipient a little something extra by hanging a luggage tag around the neck of your wine bottle. Tie a ribbon and suspend the tag, perhaps filled-out with the recipient's name and a personal message. This makes an excellent 'bon voyage' gift or a welcome-home treat.

A bottle of wine is a much-appreciated and welcome gift for any occasion. Make yours a little bit more special with one of these gift-wrapping ideas. These weird, wild, and wonderful suggestions will elevate a simple bottle into a conversation piece at the party!


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